Tempoary Worker PAYE Registration Form

You can download a copy of our registration form here - Hexa PAYE Reg Form.pdf

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) - Payment Process

For temporary assignments all PAYE Hexa Services operatives are paid via BACS directly into their bank accounts. It is imperative that you have your own account, as once the BACS payment has been sent we cannot retrieve it if you use another person's account.

The Hexa Services working week is from Monday to Sunday. Your payslip will be sent via post and will normally reach you on the Saturday.

If you register as a PAYE temporary operative, Hexa Services will deduct your tax and National Insurance. We will issue you with Terms and Conditions of Engagement for temporary work with us.

To obtain a P46 either contact your nearest office or download a copy.

Tax and National Insurance

For temporary PAYE workers we will require your P45 form to ensure that your tax is deducted at the correct rate. If you do not have a P45 form then we will ask you to complete a P46 form. This means that you will pay emergency tax for the first few weeks until we receive the correct tax code from your P45 form or tax office. If you do not sign a P46 form or hand in your P45 form you will automatically be on a ‘basic rate’ tax code.

We are legally obliged to deduct National Insurance, as we do tax, from your earnings. You must provide documented proof of your NI number. Not providing this can cause delay to your payment.

What is the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) System

The Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system is a method of paying income tax. Hexa Services deducts tax from your earnings before paying you your wages. Hexa Services is legally obliged to deduct income tax, as we do National Insurance from your earnings. Wages includes statutory sick pay and maternity pay. This means that you pay tax over the whole year, each time you are paid. Hexa Services is then responsible for advising and sending the tax on to HM Revenue and Customs.